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Holiday Buying Guide: Best New Tech Gifts

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-23
Selection of editors: Published in November. 3.
Holiday shoppers turn to tech gifts to impress and excite their friends and family.
But do your homework before you commit to a purchase and note down the age, interest and ability of your intended recipient.
Some people like the coolest new toys, while others seek practical techniques and ways to make everyday life easier.
Revolutionary visual and audio experiences if your gift recipient is interested in all audio or visual things, explore a range of headphones or interactive viewing devices designed to provide a transformative experience.
Some of the latest audio/visual technology devices offer a higher level of interactivity and a more immersive experience, so it\'s important to know which new version offers the latest features.
If you want to get the ultimate interactive experience, take a look at the Alcatel Idol 4S.
Idol 4S is not just a phone, it\'s also the first smartphone in the world to offer virtual reality goggles for this incredible 2D and 3D experience.
Video games and movies are more dynamic, and you can enjoy the virtual reality experience immediately after you turn on your phone.
You\'ll also have access to content through virtual reality apps such as Littlestar and Alcatel\'s own virtual reality store, so you\'ll continue to be surprised and entertained.
Another feature the user wants is ultra-thin, smooth, glass-
Like the design, it has almost the same feel and look as the iPhone 4/4S, but is more streamlined.
In addition, the fingerprint scanner makes phone access faster and easier and allows users to register multiple fingerprints.
Check out Amazon\'s 2016 holiday e-gift guide. This phone also comes with this super
Cool Boom Key, basically allow more users
Task, which means that if you try to talk over the phone in a loud room, you can activate the noise by pressing the Boom Key
Cancel function.
Or you can use the Boom key to take instant photos.
The camera not only provides 0.
Self-focusing is detected in 1 second, but there are also 0.
6 seconds shot instantly
Can add 84-in the complete 360 layout-degree wide-
The angle lens eliminates the need for a selfie stick.
The visual effects that support the thrills are delivered through 3 sounds. 6-
Watt JBL certified speakers provide surround sound.
Alcatel Idol 4S is also equipped with JBL headphones to transfer the impeccable sound of your phone through the headset experience.
If the sound is something for the recipient of your gift, then look at the network: wireless, noise-
Cancel the Bluetooth 330 headset.
This ultra-comfortable headset completely eliminates noise so you can enjoy your music in the purest form or have a clear and clear conversation.
The owner of the headset will feel swallowed up by the sound, so that you can get a more immersive experience.
User reports. the-
The ear experience provides better sound and wear compared to the usual earbuds.
The Bluetooth feature of this headset also provides more freedom. -
You no longer need to connect to your phone or music device with a wire.
Since the phone, power and play/pause buttons are located on the right side of the headset, you can turn the headset on and off on the left side, so the control is easy to operate.
Users also like these headphones because they travel very well ---
Just pack them and fold them into the box.
If you are buying technology for your child, tech toys that promote exploration and education may end up being a favorite gift for your child, but it will be difficult to identify which toys.
Some children\'s science and technology toys can be basic or disposable.
Pony, so it\'s crucial to do your homework and survey before you buy a toy.
For example, if you are looking for an interactive but also exploratory tech toy, check out the Piper computer kit.
This computer kit is the first in the world.
DIY electronic kit for kids who want to know about engineering, computer creation and development.
The kit includes electronic devices such as LED lights, motion sensors, buzzer, buttons and switches that can guide, engage and encourage interaction.
My world story line is a popular video game that promotes challenges and encourages interaction with components.
The game comes with a USB mouse and retractable cable, as well as an 8 gb sd card that allows you to save the game and create it.
The kit features beautifully crafted wooden cases with a high definition LCD display and Wi-
The Fi supports games, allowing multiplayer and downloadable levels.
For many teenagers, one technology that \"must have\" is smartphones.
However, the budget
Cautious parents are usually scared to see the price of most smartphones, but have an option.
Alcatel popular 4S is a practical smartphone replacement that is easy for parents but fun for kids.
The compact design and curved rear panels compete with the most acclaimed smartphones on the market, while Android 6.
The 0 Marshmallow operating system provides state-of-the-art features.
One of the most important features is the price of the phone as it still offers the same level of design, style and functionality as any top smartphone, but a fraction of the price. The 5-
The inch HD screen allows users to view neat operating systems and keep the Android brand authentic.
For happy teenagers with mobile phones, this camera is the best in the market and has produced 5-
Pixel image with flash in front.
Take a look at Amazon\'s 2016 holiday e-gift guide technology designed to improve lifestyle and efficiency. Busy families are turning to technology to keep their homes safe and running more efficiently.
From home safety systems to programmable dead ends, tech gifts that make life easier for recipients can be ideal gifts for this holiday season.
For example, Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt allows families to access family or friends using programmable code.
The lock can hold up to 30 access codes at a time and is built in-
In alarm technology that is easily paired with Apple\'s home kit using Bluetooth smart technology.
Lighting touch screen lights up the road when trying to open the door at night or in bad weather-
No longer looking for the key, no longer trying to put the correct key into the lock.
In addition, you can unlock the door using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, so you can almost allow Siri to get you in.
Want to check if the children get home safely (
No curfew)?
The app allows you to view past lock activity.
Not only are the latches smart, but they are attractive, both Camelot and century-style latches are available.
Buyers can also choose from a range of finishes--
From satin nickel to bright brass.
Unlike other security gadgets on the market, this gadget does not require a monthly fee or subscription fee.
In a busy home, another way to improve efficiency is to give away a free printer for ink cartridges.
Families who need to print papers or work reports for schools often find that they will explode quickly through expensive cartridges, not to mention the negative impact of empty cartridges on the environment.
Expression of ET
Ink cartridges for 3600 EcoTank wireless printer-
Use a free print that is easy to refill the cartridge.
The user saves time and money because the printer is equipped with ink for up to two years, equivalent to 50 sets of cartridges.
This printer even saves up to 50% of paper due to automatic; 2-
Double Sided Printing function plus it can hold more paper at a time-
As many as 150.
Wireless features with print connection to iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone, also equipped with Wi-
Direct Fi®For the network-free printing.
This printer is not notable either, compact in structure, so does not take up much space-
Almost any room is suitable for placement.
Buy expression ET-
3600 EcoTank on Amazon if your recipient is looking for a more decorative tech toy check out wireless Nixplay Iris 8 \"Wi-
The Fi Cloud Frame allows digital photographic display via Nixplay iPhone or Android app.
Photos can also be easily uploaded via email and social media to easily capture and display special moments at home.
The loading up feature also allows you to maintain your photos in one place so you have a steady stream of memories.
Also, the smart active sensor feature means you don\'t have to turn the frame on and off often-
When the motion in the room is sensed, the sensor is automatically turned on and then turned off when the room is empty.
This frame is made of peach copper, silver and polished bronze and can be customized according to any home decoration.
View Amazon 2016 holiday e-gift guide disclosure: the street has advertisers and partnerships;
We may get a portion of our revenue from your purchase.
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