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how a beam sensor works?

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-19
The main purpose of using a beam sensor is to detect differential motion and rotation in a building structure.
There are mainly two types of beam sensors on the market-horizontal sensors for monitoring settlement or uplift and vertical sensors for monitoring lateral displacement and convergence.
The beam sensor contains infrared beam sets that can be used for a variety of applications, and the most common is the pedestrian gate.
Beams are comfortably installed in pre-
It\'s a good fit to drill a half hole.
Wiring is achieved by a quick disconnect cable that can be chrysanthemum-type
Up to 30 \'(
In increments of 15).
The beam provides LED indication on the back for easy alignment and trouble shooting.
Here are the installation instructions for the beam sensor.
First of all, you have to drill a \"hole\" in the required installation position \".
When using more than one set of beams, alternate beam directions as shown on the right.
Route the cable from the endpoint to the desired beam installation location.
Then insert the beam cable through the snap together connector.
Install the beam into the \"hole\" and press the beam until it clicks on the opening.
Usually, the wall thickness of the drilling material should not exceed 1/8 \".
Now when it comes to wiring, this is the most important part of bean sensor installation. If using a LO-
Linx locks the module, inserting each beam into the connection point of the module.
Identify connection points on LO-Linx.
If using the sensor beam directly, make sure that the pnp/Light operation output works with the door controller.
The most common application to use beam sensors is the home safety system, because beam sensors are an effective way to protect their homes and families from thieves and thieves who may cause harm to them.
There are different types of beam sensors on the market designed to protect your home, but most of them do not guarantee the effectiveness of the product.
This is why it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study before completing a beam sensor for a specific company. .
The motion sensor is up to date and costs are high, but it is said to be effective because it contains active IR.
It is used not only by most homeowners but also by various companies.
Many people are hesitant to invest money in this product because they don\'t know the benefits it contains.
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