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htc hints at half-life virtual reality video game

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-21
HTC\'s chairman told the BBC that she \"hopes\" half
Life video games will be one of the titles for the release of her company\'s virtual gamesReality headset.
Wang spoke after HTC revealed that it had partnered with game publisher Valve to sell its VR helmet a day before the end of the year. Half-
Life is probably the most famous and best valveLike franchise.
However, the BBC has learned that Valve is not planning to announce the game at this time.
For years, there have been unconfirmed rumors that American companies have been making new installments.
According to Wang MS, HTC is
Half an operation
But she won\'t be attracted to whether that means a new game or not.
Half the potential. life 3 -or a virtual-
The series has a realistic remake of one of the existing titles.
Valve distributed a half of the test \"beta\" version
Life of the VR helmet developer at Facebook Oculus 2013-
This is probably what the executive is referring.
But the BBC learned that Valve\'s own staff were surprised by Wang MS\'s comments because they didn\'t work in half an hour.
The current life game of the new helmet.
Nevertheless, an expert suggested that the game can add useful content to the library of the VR toolkit in a timely manner. \"[
Online market for valves
Steam has a community of 0. 125 billion players, \"said Nick Parker, an industry analyst at Parker Consulting.
\"They\'re all half familiar --
There are quite a few people in life who have played it, and some are still playing.
\"People won\'t buy headphones without a good catalog of games, and half of them will definitely have engagement loyalty --life brand.
BBC: one of the most famous games of valve is half way
Life series, I know there are millions of players eager for a new half
The game of life is coming out.
The new half-
Life will be virtual. Reality headset?
Is this the relationship between the valve and this machine?
Wang Cher: I think the best game for the valve is Dota, right, Portal and [Team Fortress]
I think they are very eager to get them.
But how about half? life -
Will it be on there?
Wang Cher: we are colleagues.
Half an operation
I think it\'s life. . .
I hope, you know, it will be on it. Half-
Life and its sequellife 2 are sci-
The Fi action title is set to go wrong in an experiment that causes aliens to take over the future of the Earth.
The player controls the main character of the invasion, Dr. Gordon Freeman.
Two additional valves
Half of the episodes
Life 2, the last released in 2007.
The last issue ends on the cliff.
Hanging frame and valve together
Founder Gabe Newell hinted that the story will continue.
Despite strong sales and high review scores, Valve chose not to post more chapters --
A decision that could be influenced by the fact that the company has an unusual boss --
In a free office environment, employees have the right to decide what projects to work on and who to work.
At the same time, the suggestion that Valve employees have already started making a third game is closeFabulous status
With half a release helmet
Life 3 will be an excellent way to promote the functionality of the device, provided that the game is built with virtual reality in mind, \"said Rob Crossley, the UK news editor of the new site at gameSpot.
\"I played the VR version of the Half version --
Life 2, something simple like going up and down a ladder makes me sick --
You have to build the game with virtual reality in mind.
\"But if the valve does skip all the necessary obstacles, I think it will have a great opportunity to get people interested in the technology because half of people like itlife. Headphones for HTC
Called Vive-
Including two high
Simulate a defined screen of experience that becomes part of a computer-
Environment generated.
The headset also contains more than 70 sensors
Including gyro, accelerometer and laser position sensor-
And will be sold with wireless controllers and base stations.
After the combination, the kit will be able to track the wearer\'s movements and replicate their location and gaze in the virtual world in which they live.
The price of the machine has not yet been announced, but HTC said the beta version will be released soon and the consumer version will be released by the end of 2015.
Valve is expected to provide more details about the release at the Game Developer Conference (GDC)
San Francisco on Tuesday.
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