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htc reveals virtual reality headset with valve at mwc

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-28
HTC will release VR headsets as part of the connection
Work with Valve, the leading PC video game publisher.
HTC Vive will pair with wireless controllers and tracking technology to let the wearer explore the computer-
Create the environment by walking around their room.
The beta version of the suite will be sold to developers soon, followed by a public version later this year.
It will compete with Facebook\'s Oculus Rift and Sony\'s Morpheus VR headset.
The machine allows the wearer to view the computer
The generated 3D environment gives them a sense of being there.
The announcement marks a change in HTC\'s strategy to focus on smartphones.
At a press conference in Barcelona on the eve of the Mobile World Congress trade show, the Taiwanese company also launched a new flagship phone --
HTC One M9-and a GPS-
The enabled fitness tracker released only limited Vive details before Valve was scheduled to be presented at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.
However, HTC says the headset feature can display video at 90 frames per second (fps)-
Many developers think that a speed below 60fps can cause nausea, which is an important consideration.
It includes two screens of 1,200 by 1,080 pixels to provide high definitionbut not 4K -
High quality graphics and allow the insertion of existing headphones into its side.
HTC says it has more than 70 sensors built into the machine, including gyro, accelerometer and laser position sensors.
It added that the machine also supports facilities developed by valves that allow users to explore virtual spaces and their internal objects from different angles
By moving 15ft by 15ft in real life (4. 6m squared)space.
To do this, owners also need to buy Steam VR base stations.
\"There is very little opportunity for a company to change the way people interact and communicate with the world forever,\" said HTC ceo Peter Chou . \".
While gamers will be the most likely early users, HTC adds that the device can also be used for shopping, access to other parts of the world, and meeting friends in virtual reality.
Google, HBO, the American television network, and film studio Lionsgate are already making content for the machine.
While HTC\'s phones have received good reviews in the past, its relatively small marketing budget is good for Samsung.
Thanks to its alliance with Oculus VR in the US, Samsung has sold its own VR suite.
However, Gear VR relies on users who have both Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy S6 phones, and there is currently nothing available. US-
Valve operation based on Steam
Popular online market for PC video games
And develop your own well-known games, including Half Life, Portal and Dota 2. A link-
Therefore, Valve provides HTC with a machine promotion method that does not need to pay all the relevant costs.
But one expert said the relationship could be double. edged sword.
\"Valve has provided a large number of services to a consumer electronics company through its huge users --
Piers Harding said: \"base and the content distribution platform it runs on
Rolls of IHS Technology Consulting.
\"But on the other hand, it has to make sense commercially, and that\'s a problem if hardware companies don\'t share content revenue.
\"An observer of a company is not very optimistic about the company\'s new Android --Mobile phone.
The way everyone looks
The metal One M9 has little change with its predecessor.
However, its main camera has been upgraded to a 20-pixel component that can be ultra-HD at 4 k (UHD)quality.
HTC\'s Sense UI has also been updated to provide location-
Specific Messages and suggestions on the phone\'s home screen.
Now, the phone can simulate the surround sound experience from the frontFor the speaker.
\"These are only minor incremental changes,\" commented Francisco Jeronimo of research firm IDC . \".
\"HTC needs to do more to maintain market share.
\"The company shipped 21.
In 2014, 3 million smartphones were given to it.
According to IDC, the market share is 6%.
This is from 4. Share of 4% and 31.
6 million shipments two years ago
After cutting costs, however, the company did manage to recover profits last year.
The company has also launched a wristband compatible with Android and iOS phones.
The HTC Grip fitness tracker contains a built-in
Track the user\'s location in the GPS chip to help it measure the speed and calorie consumption when moving.
It is waterproof and features 1. 8in (4. 6cm)
The OLED display can display incoming calls and notifications for the linked phone, but the heart rate monitor is missing.
\"The problem is that there are a lot of other wristbands there and the price is cheaper,\" Mr Jeronimo said . \".
\"So unless HTC bundles it for free when someone buys the M9, I don\'t see how it will work.
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