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new york using speed trap of future: laser gun

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-09
WALDJULY 1993 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it begins online publishing in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
It works well in Baghdad;
Now the laser war has entered the I-684.
New York State Police use lasers in the same way as Air Force pilots: identify targets, although patrol cars do not track bombs, only speeding tickets.
But when police talk about an arms race on the highway, they start to sound like air force generals, where increasingly complex radar speed traps bring in better and better radar detectors.
Now, the police say they already have big ones.
The laser measures very quickly, sending out very short light pulses in 1 second out of 3, and within such a long distance, nearly half a mile, police said, even if the detector on the speedboat dashboard receives the signal, it\'s too late.
\"If your probe falls,\" said Officer Lee.
On a recent afternoon, gask aimed at the southbound traffic race, \"This is what you should do: turn on the signal lights and stop because I\'m going to talk to you
\"Of course, the companies that make the detectors do not agree, and some have begun to provide combined radar --Laser detector
They also don\'t think the laser is their nemesis, but for reasons that don\'t satisfy their customers: the laser has made millions of radar detectors obsolete, the price of these alternatives is usually between $250 and $300.
Police also say more and more drivers are equipped with radar detectors.
They say these drivers are the top targets because their cars usually travel the fastest.
But what is even more disturbing for public safety is that statistics show that the worst criminals drive faster than they did a few years ago.
According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year, the proportion of cars exceeding 70 miles per hour was 19.
Before Congress allowed states to increase the speed of rural interstate roads from 55 miles to 65 miles an hour, the figure was already 6% from 1986.
Most states have raised restrictions on eligible roads, but not New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Maryland. (
Drivers who can\'t stand 55 miles per hour should also be away from Delaware and Hawaii, Delaware does not have roads that meet the definition of federal rural interstate, it has 5 miles of qualified roads, but there is no increase in restrictions. )
There are two reasons why the police aim at the fastest target.
First of all, if an accident occurs, the increase in speed will greatly increase the chance of death: the rule of thumb of the highway safety insurance Institute is that for every 10% increase in speed, the risk of driver death has increased by nearly 45%.
The less obvious problem with the red dot in ViewfinderA is that if some cars move very fast, then the speed change between cars on the road is even greater.
Experts say the number of accidents increases as some cars exceed 70, while others exceed 50.
Over the years, despite some technical problems, the police have used radar to hunt down speedsters.
The radar gun emits a beam of microwave radiation in the same mode as a searchlight, and rapidly expands;
At 1,000 feet, the beam is 105 feet wide, which may be enough to cover both sides of the six sectionsInterstate highway.
Unless the target car is the only thing on the highway, the beam is too wide to be used in that range, so it is usually used in the range of 600 to 800 feet.
However, the beam emitted with a laser gun is only 3 feet wide at 1,000 feet.
The model used by soldier Gasparik has an inventory that is placed on the shoulder, just like the rifle inventory, in the viewfinder, a red dot is placed on the image of the target vehicle.
The gun emits an infrared pulse.
The red energy lasts 1 second out of 3 and measures the pattern formed when they return, which shows the speed of the target.
The gun also measures the time required for an infrared round trip, which gives the distance.
Scan South traffic from I-median
684 here, the mounted police can pick a white Nissan Altima with a speed of 75 miles per hour and a mileage of 2,215 feet kilometers or 4 miles per hour.
A tenth of a mile.
Radar detectors take advantage of the three-fold technological advantages offered by lasers.
The soldier received the reading almost immediately after opening the beam, and a car turned around a soft curve to the field of view;
Even if the driver has a radar detector, the range and speed of the probe will become useless.
Also, since most drivers only look at the front 600 to 800 feet, the soldiers may have measured the speed before the driver finds him.
At that distance, the soldiers had enough time to do a U-
Open the middle line, safe swing 225-
Into traffic to chase the horsepower Mustang.
The driver, a female, went to the District of Columbia on her way home, and she was impressed with the effect, if not the technical details.
\"I didn\'t see him until the end,\" said the lady, who gave only one journalist her name Maria.
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Cowen, North Harbor, Los AngelesI.
He was traveling at 75 miles an hour in a dark blue economy van within 1,568 feet kilometers, and he said he had never seen a police car until it drove into traffic to block him.
He seems to be very obedient to the progress of technology.
In fact, the attitude is being counted on by the National Police.
\"When they hear the laser, people think about the Gulf War and smart bombs,\" the major said . \"Craig R.
Director of transportation services, Ma Stesen.
\"We deal with the public perception,\" he said, adding that one result of that perception was \"a reduction in the number of court challenges.
\"Not everyone thinks laser is a progress. At Bel-Tronics Ltd.
Earlier this year, the City of Mississauga, Ontario, launched a radar/laser combination detector, Rudi E. Sagl Jr.
The executive vice president said the laser is wider than the police think because the device is manual
If the police move a little while holding it, the signal will sweep the highway.
The size of the sweep \"depends on how much coffee he had that morning,\" he said \". Sagl.
\"The beam width in the radar is much larger and I agree with you, but with the laser you will still get a warning,\" he said . \".
Spokesman Jason Richards said the radio Association defended Airwave rights, a lobby group that represents manufacturers of radar detectors and also people who use them, \"We have always believed that radar is inaccurate, the police have always said so.
\"Now, he thinks it\'s ironic that the police\'s preference for lasers is more accurate.
At present, the possibility that drivers encounter radar is still far greater than the possibility of encountering laser;
According to New York State Police, only about 900 laser guns are used nationwide.
Violators short of ticket.
Last year, drivers in New York State charged 709,000 speeding tickets for 107 billion miles, or one ticket for every 151,000 miles.
19-year-old soldier Gasparic
The national police veteran and one-man anti-
Although he has only been on the road for six months, the crime wave has written 1,500 articles;
Six other soldiers he\'s training. Advertisement(
Note: Gasparic soldiers usually work outside the River headI.
He likes to take risks on Route 27.
He also likes to park the car in one direction and have the driver assume he is scanning the car coming from behind him while he is actually reading the reading through the windshield and then doing U-
Turn around and grab his goal. )
Of course, almost everyone can get a ticket because most cars exceed the prescribed limit at some point.
But, as soldier Gasparik said, \"You try to take the most dangerous people off the road first.
\"However, there is no security zone over 55 years of age and he denies the speed of over 55 years of age and the police will not bother to write a ticket at all.
\"If you drive over 55 years old, you have to rely on yourself,\" he said . \"
Drivers sometimes complain that it is unwise to make such a widely despised law, but public safety officials counter that it makes no sense to change the law to comply with bad practices, no matter where the limit is set, most drivers will be a little higher than it.
Thomas M. , regional administrator in the area of the National Highway Transport safety administration, including New York
Louizou argues that if the purpose is to write laws and regulations that minimize violations, \"We can also make murder legal.
\"A version of this article appears on page 1001001 of the national edition of July 17, 1993, titled: New York using the speed trap of the future: laser gun.
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