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nine ‘she-toilets’ in capital

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-18
Kerala women\'s development has installed nine dedicated public toilets for women in the city. The new “she-
A toilet was installed at the Government Women\'s College;
In hospitals for women and children, Thycaud;
Government Ayurvedic College;
Tourist village of Weili;
Cayman South Institute of Technology;
Sericante Swaram Temple of the University College;
School of the same disease in Dongbao;
Opposite the Hindu Prachara Sabha, Vazhuthacaud.
They will be operational on December. end, P.
Kursu, chairman of the company, said.
The smart toilet will automatically clean and disinfect the environment. They have coin-
Operational Hygiene-napkin-
Vending machines and incinerators are used to burn used napkins.
Baby stations are in the toilet to help mothers change diapers for children and Indiansstyle commodes.
The electronic display board will tell the user whether the toilet is occupied or not.
Remote control of toilet operation.
If the septic tank is full or the water supply runs out, the smart toilet will send an automatic SMS alert to its controller.
In order to ensure the security of users, there are also security functions.
The agency has posted \"she-
Toilets \", because most public toilets lack hygiene, bring health and safety problems to female users. The “she-
The design of the toilet \"takes into account the welfare of female commuters.
They will be able to find the location of the nearest public email
Search the toilet by mobile phone.
The sensor system inside the toilet triggers its cleaning system.
The toilet will have washbasins, mirrors and sanitary taps.
They will have FM radio and equipment to stop intruders.
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