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Magnetostrictive sensor

reliable and low cost ir proximity sensor

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-20
This is a simple and effective infrared proximity sensor built around the TSOP 1738 module.
The TSOP module is usually located at the receiving end of the infrared remote control system; e. g.
TV, CD player, etc.
These modules require the input of data to be modulated at a specific frequency and ignore any other infrared signal.
It is also immune to the surrounding infrared light, so people can easily use these sensors outdoors or in conditions with sufficient light.
These modules can be used for different carrier frequencies from 32 kHz to 42 kHz. .
In this particular proximity sensor, we will generate a constant square wave signal stream using the IC555 centered at 38 kHz and will use it to drive the IR led.
So whenever this signal bounces back from an obstacle, the receiver detects it and changes its output.
Since the TSOP 1738 module is active-
Low configuration, when it detects a signal, its output will usually remain high and will become low (the obstacle).
Description Source: Table 1,555 ic 2, PCB 3, resistance 30 ohm, 100 Ohm 4, capacitance 0. 1uF,0.
02 UFIDA, UFIDA month, LED infrared LED, yellow LED month, diode 1N4148 army, preset resistor month K, month K month, connector month pin month, TSOP metal type 1738
38 khz infrared receiver
10. Heat shrink tube 11. Connecting line-
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