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robot can help you get to your plane on time

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-25
We have all been there.
You shuffle from the plane at a foreign airport, lost the way to find a transfer on a jetlagged haze.
By the time you get to the gate, the plane has left.
Thanks to a friendly new robot, the flight that is missed soon may have become past and it will help you to cross the airport.
From November
On the 30th, the robot will start trial operation at Amsterdam\'s Schiphol airport.
This is part of the Spencer program in the EU (
Social situation
Perception and Action of cognitive robots)
Cooperation between researchers and enterprises in five different countries.
During the week, robots with faces and rectangular bodies with interactive screens will guide passengers through the international airport.
The robot body is also equipped with front and rear vision and depth sensors, laser scanners, stereo cameras and five on-board computers.
Researchers at the University of Orebro in Sweden teach it to navigate around.
Hot news Garlic Festival Shooting Center Zone climate change documentary Dan Coats resigns Brooklyn shooting \"sailing at the airport is a challenge with a lot of glass and changing environment in terms of temporary obstacles, such as parked luggage carts and people everywhere. Professor of Computer Science and project leader at orebroo University said in a statement.
\"It can be said that temporary permanent objects are the most difficult to deal.
For example, we don\'t know how long the luggage trolley will be parked in a particular place, which makes it more difficult for the robot to determine where it is.
We are working on a generic map representation that includes and allows robots to handle temporarily permanent objects.
After the trial, the researchers will use the test data to improve the design and then make their debut in March 2016. Delegates and distinguished guests of the European Commission will attend the meeting.
The idea for this project came from air Holland KLM because many of its customers got lost at the airport and missed the flight.
Lilienthal believes that the robot can be used for many other applications both inside and outside the airport.
\"This technology can be used for all robots designed to interact with humans.
For example, if automatic trucks play a better role in interaction with humans, they will be more widely accepted, \"he said in a statement.
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