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the end of the notch? apple supplier ams reveals \'invisible\' optical sensors that can be put behind phone screens

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-25
This may mean that the iphone gap is coming to an end.
Apple supplier AMS has developed a light and infrared proximity sensor that can be placed behind the smartphone screen.
It says that it will greatly reduce the area required for the sensor, given the larger display.
VideoAMS scroll down to provide Apple with optical sensors for 3D face recognition on the latest iphone.
Apple\'s share price fell fifth after a sales warning on Thursday, although it has picked up most of the time since.
AMS, an Austrian company listed in Switzerland, did not identify Apple as a customer, but analysts estimateS.
Technology giants account for about 45% of their sales.
By developing this \"backward\" ambient light/proximity sensor, AMS enables smartphone manufacturers to achieve the highest proportion of display area to body size, AMS said in a statement on the release of the new device that the statement refers to the OLED display technology used in the latest iphone and other devices.
Using the name of the new device, AMS said that TCS3701 enables mobile phone designers to take this trend to a new level and may completely eliminate the border.
The border is the border between the smartphone display and the border.
The optical sensor is used to set the display brightness, and the infrared sensor is used in areas such as face recognition.
Shares in AMS closed up.
6%, but after the company announced an agreement with Chinese software maker Face to produce a new 3D facial recognition feature for smartphones, the figure peaked earlier in the meeting.
Technical challenges make it difficult for AMS to diversify into Android phones. But the tie-
In Face, the Chinese company provides software to process the optical data provided by AMS sensors, which may help overcome these difficulties and reduce AMS\'s reliance on Apple.
By connecting our 3D sensing system with Face technology, we enable manufacturers to quickly and smoothly add these popular features to their products, said executive vice president of AMSPresident &
Ulrich Huewels, general manager of optical sensor solutions, said.
AMS and Face together demonstrate that 3D sensing solutions are ready for the mainstream in every market segment, from consumers to automotive, medical and industrial electronics.
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