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the future of the smart home: how homes powered by artificial intelligence will know & care for you

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-20
Predicting our future is a podcast about the next technological revolution in the eyes of a series of entrepreneurs.
Here is an edit excerpt from \"16 episodes: How AI-driven families know you and take care of you-
The last episode of Episode 7
A series of articles on the future of smart home.
In this episode that predicts our future, I will paint what life might be like for our future family, and before we become aware of smart families, explore how smart homes will use character characters and artificial intelligence to meet our needs. Drowning In To-
I \'ve been interviewing my friends about what tools they use to manage their-do’s.
\"I saved them in Google Docs,\" a friend told me . \".
\"I keep multiple Google Docs,\" said another friend . \".
\"Each has a date and when I think I don\'t follow the list seriously anymore, I just created another one with a new date.
One person used Evernote.
The most important thing is that a friend of mine explained how he
To-do lists were commemorated with glue on the wall of his bedroom, which annoyed his wife very much.
While tools are different, everyone seems to have one thing in common, that is, when enough things are crossed out of their list, there is a general feeling of failure, and firmly believe that there is too much time on too few things.
Everyone seems to be looking for a magical panacea that will save them more time.
One area that particularly fascinates me is the task that recognition technology can handle so that they don\'t need to appear in my-
Make a list, and it\'s also important that they don\'t take up space in my mind.
I have read the dress habits of people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who seem to wear the same clothes every day.
After careful examination, it was found that both of them had multiple identical trousers and identical shirts.
What is the reason for wearing the same suit every day?
If you always wear the same clothes, there is no decision.
You can then make more important decisions and live a more productive life.
You might ask, how?
List and clothes connected to smart home?
I explored how technologies like smart thermostats or smart lighting save me money if they only open in a room where I need heat, air conditioning or light.
It\'s fun, but what\'s even more exciting for me is that if smart home can uninstall my decisions and work by completing tasks independently of me.
The less decisions I need to make, the more time I have to focus on what\'s really important.
AI-powered smart home is in many industries and when you interview an ambitious leader, he or she will talk to you about how they will reshape the factory --
Building a home or fitness space or retail.
However, in the eyes of some people, people talk about being part of the ecosystem and their success depends largely on the success of other companies in the ecosystem.
As far as smart home is concerned, almost all the players I interviewed talked about a future in which the Holy Grail is an AI-driven home.
Think of artificial intelligence as a computing power that can perform particularly complex tasks that otherwise require the human brain to do.
The motion sensor may trigger the light to turn on.
But if a family has artificial intelligence, it may consider the time of the day, the person who walks around the house, where she walks, decides which light to turn on and how long to keep it.
Not everyone I talked to uses the word \"artificial intelligence.
\"One of the hot phrases you\'ll hear repeatedly from experts is that houses need to be\" perceived \"or\" Context Aware \"before you bring artificial intelligence into the home \".
Let\'s imagine the universe of things the house can realize: it can realize the existence of people living in the House (
And their role);
It can know what they are doing;
It can even know what every device in the home is doing.
If you want the House to think like a person, the House needs to be able to analyze the data that a person will analyze before making a decision.
As your personal butler, how can your home get me out of some of my decisions for a smart home? making?
Literally and figuratively, how can it ease my burden?
Let\'s imagine a day together.
You wake up in the morning and the alarm goes off.
This is not a buzzer.
You want to discover new music on Spotify, which is on your suggested weekly discovery list.
However, it is not the song that is really interesting.
In fact, you don\'t have to set the alarm clock the night before.
This is because there is some level of wisdom in the cloud that is monitoring you and trying to simplify your life.
It knows that you have a rotation class today because it checks your workout goals, then checks the availability of one of the classes in SoulCycle, then buys the class and puts it on you
The system is smart enough to calculate travel time and set alarms appropriately.
You walked down the stairs from the bed and went to the kitchen.
The coffee has just been brewed.
For this, you have your own smart home.
Your yogurt and granola are ready in the fridge as much as you want.
Earlier this week, the fridge knew you had fewer and fewer food for breakfast and placed an order online.
You are in a hurry, so you go out the door to the gym.
No time to set the alarm clock or pull the blinds (
This is what you do when you leave the house so that people can\'t look in when you\'re not there).
You don\'t think turning off the music, lights or reducing the heat because you don\'t need to heat the house to 72 degrees when you\'re away.
It\'s not that you forget to do all these things.
You don\'t have to think about them because the House knows you\'re gone.
It knows to lock the door behind you, turn off the coffee machine, pull the blinds, lower the heat, turn off the music and turn off the lights.
Shopping today.
Really, every day is a shopping day.
Sensors in the drawer measure the rest of toilet paper, and sensors in the closet monitor cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.
You run low on some things.
Place orders online.
When it arrives, the camera at your front door will recognize the FedEx truck and coordinate with the lock to open your front door.
The picture of the delivery man will be taken and a gentle voice will come from your speaker asking him to put the package in the house.
The camera will keep an eye on him from start to finish, and when he leaves, the goalkeeper closes alone.
Then your robot starts to open the packaging of the items and place them in their own place.
It\'s time to go home after working all day.
When you leave the office to get on the bus, your home will be reminded that you are on the way.
The House began to heat up.
When you drive into the driveway and walk to the front door, you stop briefly for a retina scan. It’s you.
The House knows. the front door is opened.
You are represented by the character characters of your partially configured smart home, and the house has been partially developed on you, based on patterns that it can recognize through sensors and cameras.
This is the cloud artificial intelligence that you work at home.
In the past New Year, you have set several big goals for yourself.
You want to eat healthier and lose weight.
You also hope to find a routine at night that will help you with anxiety and sleep.
For quite some time, your sleep is not balanced.
Diet, anxiety-
Reducing your daily routine, sleep hygiene is all associated with your characters in the cloud, and the house is now relying on these characters to welcome you home.
Your wife hasn\'t been home yet, so when the music rings, the lights at the entrance are adjusted to a calm environment that is so faint and has a beautiful melody that it disappears into the background.
Tonight\'s dinner is fresh salmon and steamed vegetables.
Choose from the cloud for you according to your goals and tastes (
All part of the role).
Ingredients are in the fridge, which was sent there a day in advance.
You start cooking so dinner is ready when your wife comes.
After dinner, you retire when your wife goes to the office.
Smart home creates a different image for your wife, and if she comes home from work before you, she will greet her in a different way.
A gentle bell rings on the speaker, followed by a sound that tells you that the big game starts in 10 minutes.
For your wife, a voice announces that she should start the 90-minute job she wants to do before going to bed.
The curtains are pulled up, the lights are dim, the TV is on for you, and your wife has different background music and lights in the office.
For both of you, your watch will read your internal temperature and blood pressure and send a corresponding temperature, fan and lighting adjustment signal to the house.
You don\'t have to worry about cleaning.
The next morning after you two get off work, your home robot will pick you up after you, and then the vacuum cleaner will vacuum the house.
You all like to listen to the meditation app before going to bed.
The wind began at ten o\'clock P. M. on time.
15 minutes later, after the breathing exercise, both of you went to bed. Lights out.
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