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the new roomba sucks. really well

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-21
Will robots forget all of this when they take over? Still would want to pay off because it was 2007 Labor Day and I was blatantly contemptuous of the spirit of the holiday and ruthlessly forcing our future robots to clean my apartment.
No, even worse: like Simon Legley of the 21st century, I feel happy under my rule.
I \'ve been raising kittens all summer, the carpet in my bedroom is full of cat litter, and when I was barefoot, the pebbles blocked between my toes.
There\'s also cat food, cat mint, paper receipts, coins and lint that clog the pile up and if I\'m not sa mad I\'ll go out and do the job myself.
But why did I get the Roomba 560 a week ago, the latest incarnation of the robot vacuum cleaner, which will automatically slide around your house, clean the floor by itself, without any little human effort.
I think I should feel sad, but in fact, I feel a little dizzy.
I offer this self for my cruelty
Reason for service: This robot was designed for cleaning and it claims to like to do so (
Voice: female, soothing).
Its manufacturer, IRobot, has completely upgraded the Roomba, more than the previous version;
Compared to my previous model-
Found room-
Roomba 560 is a more gaming servant that vacuums my apartment with more determined expertise and more obvious pleasure.
This vacuum cleaner sucks. -
Regularly, as planned, hard and flexible gestures, dancing around my house, blindly looking for dirt on the surface, a sprint that ends on a very clean floor.
The biggest improvement of IRobot is cleaning ability.
The Roomba 560 Rotary brush is stronger and more efficient than the old model;
So it picks up garbage. -
Coins, Kinks, paper, pieces of food, dead leaves and all sorts of other dust and debris ---
The old version can slide over.
The traction of 560 is also better than the previous Roombas.
I have half-inch-
In my living room, my findings are often not negotiable.
The new Roomba climbed up to clean up the carpet, eliminating a place I used to do with my hands.
I also found that the new Roomba is very capable of getting out of trouble.
The habitat of science and technology reporters is characterized by the excessive growth of cables.
Scattered audio and video lines can be found in every corner of my house. My old roommate often makes one of them dizzy and stuck.
560 is much more picky about what it eats.
Once it sucked into the RCA video cable hanging from my TV unit.
After some unpleasant sounds-
Call it indigestion-
Roomba spit out the cable and keep working.
Finally passed the tangle test. -
Warren negotiating computer cables under my desk. -
So I thought about giving it a 401 price.
Improvements make almost trouble-free vacuuming.
The worst thing about my old Roomba iscleaning.
IRobot claims to have built in advanced boot systems in its robots, but in order to clean your room with previous models, you must first remove most of the obstacles from the room.
Trust me: you start to hate a cleaning robot very soon, it will only condescend to work if you rearrange the furniture and pick up shoes, backpacks, Cat dishes, magazines, clothes and all kinds of daily necessities for youlived.
I still have to advance.
Clean new room-
If I don\'t move the chair first, the area under my table won\'t be finished ---
But even in a room without a security review, 560 did a great job.
Press the clean button and watch it start working-
It goes along the walls and corners, in a cycle that lasts 35 minutes to more than 1 hour, through the room in a spiral, odd twists and turns, depending on the size of the place you live in and the remaining battery power of Roomba.
A few times I let it roam over me
Bedroom apartment, never stuck anywhere.
Because 560 has an infrared proximity sensor in front of it, it doesn\'t hit anything either;
Unlike the old version, the robot will slow down a bit before hitting something, treating your house with a gentle approach that people expect to get good help.
Like previous Roombas, the 560 is equipped with two batteries
Virtual Wall.
\"These devices emit infrared beams that limit the robot to one room, which is helpful if you just want to clean a small area.
The 560 virtual wall is connected to the Roomba via a radio signal and only allows your robot to open it when it is turned on.
Because 560 is built in
In scheduling, the system allows for fully automated cleaning-
When you are not at home, Roomba and virtual walls can be set to continue, and Roomba venture back to the dock after it\'s done.
The Virtual Wall of 560 also includes a new \"lighthouse\" mode.
The lighthouse should guide the robot through your house. -
You put one outside each room and the robot will clean that area before going to the next room.
Unfortunately, I find that the role of this device is not so much a lighthouse as a cross guard;
It won\'t attract Roomba because it will prevent the robot from entering certain areas at certain times.
In practice, the robot will clean up the room you set up the lighthouse and other rooms that may be on an unexpected adventure, which makes the lighthouse mode a bit useless.
Like the old Roombas, the new Roomba will not replace the traditional vacuum cleaner.
There will be places in your house where it can\'t reach-
It may be behind the toilet, or it may be a sunken area around your cabinet, or it may be under the bed.
Roomba also does the room longer than you do it.
If you have a friend coming over for a visit in 20 minutes, you would like to probably include a long visit to the bedroom where you \'d better vacuum yourself.
But Roomba has never had a tire, it has never complained, and it is also a gluttony to dirt.
The tendency of Roomba owners to personalise has made great progress.
People named their Roombas and they let their pets play with them and they blocked YouTube this way
Cute family videos made by ordinary people about their children.
When you have Roomba, you understand why.
You just can\'t stop looking at the work of this thing.
When you look at it, you can\'t help but ask: when it glides effortlessly on your floor, it\'s Roomba when it accepts every command you have. . .
Happy, will it lament its fate in life? In fact, you have purchased its slavery (
The price of Roomba 350 is $560)
Expect it to pick up all your garbage in a second or two, as it will suck up the garbage around the bin and you will feel a sting of sympathy.
Then you go back to the crossword game.
Watch a video demo of my robot friend.
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