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the xiaomi mi mix uses some pretty slick tech to replace its promixity sensor

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-17
Xiaomi Mi Mix is a very exciting smartphone.
The most obvious thing is that it\'s close to the baffle.
Less display, it bends around the corner to produce the effect that the entire front of the phone is the display.
However, it turns out that the display is not the only cool feature --
The phone also features what Xiaomi calls \"inner beauty,\" which basically replaces the device\'s proximity sensors with ultrasonic software.
The technology was produced by a company called the Oval lab.
This means something to the phone.
First of all, this means that the speaker of the device can be completely invisible, allowing the screen to extend to where the speaker is located.
This also means that the device uses algorithms to detect when there is an object near the phone, not close to the sensor, for example, turning the screen off when answering the phone, so that when you call, your ears will not trigger any phone activity.
Related: Xiaomi said that the seemingly crazy Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is almost full of screens, the proximity sensor is not in the picture, and there is no problem related to the proximity sensor.
For example, in bad weather conditions, or when the user\'s skin or hair is blackened, approaching the sensor can sometimes encounter problems.
You might want to know where the front camera fits all of this --
Actually, the company has to move the front.
The camera facing the bottom of the device marks another change in the design of traditional smartphones.
Unfortunately, it looks like Mi mix will be sold mainly in China and at this point it seems like this phone will never reach the USS.
However, it is safe to say that if the phone is a major success, we can finally see devices of similar design enter North America.
In addition to the huge display, this phone is equipped with impressive 6gb memory and 128GB storage space
All costs amounted to $515.
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