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thermaltake gaming mice and keyboard: affordable peripherals

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-23
A comfortable gaming experience doesn\'t cost a lot of money.
Game peripheral maker ThermalTake has released its latest collection of eSports branded mechanical keyboards and gaming mice starting at $19.
99, and available on July.
We had the opportunity to try out the hardware for ourselves and were impressed with the quality of the manufacturing at the price.
The most interesting thing is the cheap game Mouse. The $19.
99 Talon offers a decent gaming experience with six programmable buttons and colorful light patterns for a stylish look.
We also like the left button and roller in the middle of the response.
You can adjust your DPI (dots per inch)
Set with the button at the top of the mouse.
Talon is wired and uses a 3,000 CPI optical sensor, so it\'s a lower-
But the price is good.
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99, the price of Ventus is competitive, it offers a 5,700 CPI laser sensor with seven programmable buttons that can be mapped to five profiles.
You can adjust the profile using the button at the top of the mouse, or you can change the DPI.
The Wired Ventus also packs the adjustable weight in three increments of 4. 5 grams (0. 15 ounces).
To reduce the damage of heat and sweat, we like vertus\'s clever design, strong feel and airy surface, but we do want it to be a little bigger.
While the company\'s Poseidon Z mechanical keyboard is not fresh, ThermalTake today launched two new keyboards in the series, offering players more options.
Poseidon Z forging is an upgrade to the existing Poseidon Z, adding two lines and five programmable buttons on each side of the keyboard for easy access to Hotkeys and favorite actions.
The combination of shortcut keys left a deep impression on us (
For example, Ctrl Alt key)
You can use it with forged Z, switch key profiles and provide you with almost unlimited profiles.
It also features adjustable area backlight (
This means that you have the option of lighting only the Qwerty section, not using numpad, or even highlighting only the arrows and the WASD keys. )The $74.
99 Poseidon z x is a smaller version of the original Z, removing the digital panel on the right.
It has no partition backlight, but its LED brightness can be adjusted to one of the six levels.
All forged by Z ($139)
The company calls it the Tt certified mechanical blue and brown switch (
As the industry is moving away from the cherry color standard for mechanical switches)
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