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tips on mounting your flat screen with tv wall mounting brackets

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-13
Installing the TV wall mounting bracket is a good idea to open the living room space.
Most modern homes have TV set up on the wall, so even if your home is older, it\'s an easy way to update the TV.
In addition to optimizing the space in your room.
The correct installation is the most important part of installing the TV wall mounting bracket.
The last thing you want to do is install your stand by mistake and let your TV fall off the wall and break.
Once you have decided and purchased the correct TV wall mounting bracket for your TV, you will need to install it.
Here are some installation tips: determine the best location for your TV.
You can use a piece of cardboard as big as your TV and stick it on a different wall to determine the final location.
Measuring at least 40 inch away from the floor, but not above 45 inch, make a small mark on the wall with a pencil.
Using a laser level, draw a line at the top of the pencil mark.
Take a Bolt sensor, find the bolt closest to the mark, and then find the bolt next to it.
Mark them with a pencil \"X.
Lean the bracket against the wall and drill holes in the position where the screws are located.
Next, add the screw and drill it in place to make sure the screw is drilled into the bolt.
It\'s a good idea to get all your cables through the wall.
You can pull them up with wires or hangers and drill a pre-drilled hole near the stand.
If needed, you can have the electrician install the plug near the wall mount location.
The wiring doesn\'t look beautiful, so you can\'t see it if it\'s all hidden behind the TV.
You can consider running additional cables for future connections, including DVD players or surround sound devices.
Finally, lift up your TV.
You may need someone to help you.
There should be some rubber brackets on the back of the TV that slide into the wall mounting bracket of the TV.
Swing the TV a little before you all let go to make sure it\'s safe in place.
Connect your line to the back of your TV for fun.
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