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trends in laser measurement.

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-08
The development trend of laser measurement laser has always been a great gospel of measurement.
Its coherent light allows us to measure a few inches of swing in the sky to be accurate to the speed of a single wavelength away from a long distance and to split hairs in micro molecules. Formetal-
Work, which means a new era of precision equipment that can calibrate tools, digitize prototypes, and measure the size of a few parts per million.
Comments on laser
Based on measuring instruments and systems will help to reveal the effect of laser measurement on metalsworking.
A new type of laser digitizer for vertical milling machines and machining centers is replacing the traditional stylus.
The results demonstrate the accuracy and speed of the set size measurement (gridof points)
Surface information for tool manufacturing.
It is combined with the machine controller, enabling the user to select a variety of cutting tools for the task at hand, in addition to the flexibility to modify or operate surface information, to improve the profile or shape details of the mold, pattern, mold, model or prototype.
The laser probe transmits the measured data 30 times faster than the mechanical digitization.
This information is stored on the hard drive and is used by the controller to guide the cutting operation.
The laser probe provides optional machine accessories and has the following advantages: 1.
The precision of the mold is improved. 2.
Increase tool productivity (
In the ratio of 8:1)
Faster digitization. 3.
A scan problem, create a toolpath for any type of tool and left-or right-
Manual parts that allow to shrink and stretch the mold size. 4.
For further analysis or shape modification, it is easy to download surface data to a cad/CAM workstation.
Previously, contact probes measured these dimensions and part shapes, moving along the part in constant physical contact.
Because the probe can\'t be hard-to-
Data is usually incomplete.
In addition, the cutting capacity of the mechanical probe is very limited.
In contrast, the laser probe eliminates many of these defects.
It is mounted on the main shaft of the mill or machining center
Semi-State equipment
Continuous scanning produces high density measurement points.
It emits a laser beam at a fixed distance (focalpoint)from the part.
This distance is the basis for the dimensional measurement of interpolation to define the shape and form of the part.
When the machine moves the probe on a scan track, the data is stored in the hard disk of the host.
Then process this data and create tool paths for rough machining and finishing operations using various tools (
Including ball nose, cow nose, flat nose, cone nose).
After the scan is completed, remove the probe from the spindle and use the tool instead to start milling.
The machine operator enters the required cutting parameters and begins the machining cycle. An AT-
The compatible PC stores the size data and numeric code on the hard drive and offloads it to the machine controller viaa high-as needed-speed RS-232 link. The laser-
Digital probes can be transformed into existing vertical milling machines and centers.
Sharnoa Corp, 23996 highway Park Dr, Mount Farmington, MI 48024 orcircle 468.
Surface mapping three-
The dimension surface mapping meter can measure objects at a speed of 15 000 3D points/seconds and convert these measurements into CAD format.
This speed is particularly important for complex prism and profile parts.
It is mainly used for quality-
Control inspection, process control and reverse engineering; i. e.
, Create CAD drawings based on prototypes and models.
Maper uses proprietary structured lasers
Optical scanning technology and optical triangulation and other 3 DiMAGE-
Processing Technology.
The generated geometric map is then translated into IGES or PDES (CAD languages)format.
When using asa quality-
Control tool, evaluate the actual part size according to the design size and outputof-
Tolerance conditions for maintenance and upstream process control reports.
Non-contact measurement allows the drawing of soft, rough parts
Casting parts and complex shapes.
The three models have a wide range of parts, up to 5 feet X 10 feet x 20 feet.
Robot vision systems company, 425 Rabro Dr East, Hauppauge, NY 11788or circle 469.
1903 trilateral calibration LTS-
1000 laser three-sided measurement system is a fast and accurate method for machine measurement
Tool calibration and error mapping.
It uses a standard interference meter to perform 3D volumetric performance measurements on the machine tool both statically and dynamically.
It can be used for measurement, inspection, calibration, input
Process quality control, 3 error mapping, and creation of database error logs.
As a portable coordinate measuring instrument, the three-sided measurement can detect large scale
Scale molds, fixtures, assembly tools and key parts.
Calibration of CMMs, machine tools, robots or multi-axis devices can be done without downtime.
Or the laser system can be an integral part of these machines to improve their performance. time, closed-loop feedback.
It can measure the distance to 6 degrees (
X, Y, z axis, plus scrolling, tilt and sideways)
The mechanical movement is corrected by the range of motion of the robot and the CMM precision is given to them. A helium-
The neon laser beam splits and passes through four (
Need three or more)two-
Axis tracker and focus on a ball retro-
Reflector mounted on objects automatically measured and tracked by quadrant-photodetector-
Control Servo.
Calculate the radial distance to the reverse for each interferometer
Reflection from the axis in the tracker.
Three or more length measurement scans in three-
Size space with micron level accuracy.
LK Tool USA Inc. , PhD, University of the West, 1625, Tempe, AZ 85281 or circle470 machine calibration HP 5528 laser measurement system is used as the primary standard for measuring parameters that affect the machine
Accuracy and repeatability of the tool, such as tilt, horizontal and vertical lines, and linear displacement.
It ensures that the new machine, when specat is started, keeps the specifications unchanged during production by regular inspection.
Can be measured without long interruption in the production plan-
Not a few days, but a few hours.
New users can quickly learn to use the system effectively.
With these regular measurements, users can improve productivity and optimize their machines
Improve parts quality and workflow, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
Federal products company, 1144 Eddy St, 8947 Providence, RI02940 or circle 472.
New system of 1903-hole parallelism gear-
Parallelism measurement of shell hole has been developed, including application
Specific software. It uses the L-
731 scanning tool laser and three targets for checking afour alignment
Drilling gear set in less than 1 hour.
The portable system uses the scanning tool laser as the main reference, positioned in front of each hole to be measured.
After the laser \"impact\", the three form L-shaped setup.
The computer software measures three plane targets and calculates the parallel conditional width of each hole relative to the first hole reference point.
The operator enters X-
The Y size between the center of each hole and the measurement accuracy of 0.
Can reach 0002 \"/ft.
Other alignment systems provide inspection and alignment of machine tools, large equipment and parts for various industries.
The basic system components are the laser unit, the target and the read-out device.
The system uses a laser beam as an area to determine the misalignment and provides adjustment information for quick corrective actions.
Hamar laser instruments, 1047 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897 orcircle 473. 1903 Ball-
Screws measure the time required to calibrate the thread
By using this laser meter, the lead on the length of the aball screw can be reduced by five times.
This is the case with the American ball screw, which is the manufacturer of industrial machinery and ball screw for machining gears, flaps and aileron.
Their machine can accommodate ball ironing plates from 1/2 \"to 6\" in diameter, with a length of 18 feet.
Previously, 8-ft-long, 2\"-Diameter screwtook month. 5 hr.
With the new meter, the same screws can be checked in 30 minutes.
Repeatable accuracy in [+ -]0.
000010 \", the resolution is 0. 000 001\".
After placing the ball screw in the machine, the operator places a material sensor that automatically compensates for the environmental conditions.
The machine is reinstalled and the ball screw is checked in the specified increment.
The bottom of the unit is a granite sheet panel 150 long, 26 wide and 30 high.
A stable Meehanite casting floats on air bearings to provide a frictionless movement. A staking-
Insert the probe into the thread form to locate the laser mirror.
The data is manually triggered into the computer by the remote input device carried by the operator.
The system includes a Hewlett.
Packard 5528C laser head, Interferometer, reflector and HP85 computer.
AA Gage, 350 Fair St, Ferndale, MI 48220 or circle 474. 1903 Real-
Time positioning CMS-
2000 The laser coordinate measurement system measures the laser interference with one or more servo-
Control tracker and target tracking-
Provide real reflector
Time location data for 100-Hz rate.
Applications include assembly and inspection of antennas, aircraft, propellers, tools and gauges;
And calibration and error setting for CMMs, machine tools, robots and antennas.
Tracking is automatic, no manual aiming or photographic measurement is required, tracking retroreflector at 2-
Acceleration and speed reach 20fps.
Special lighting is not required.
The unit is self-calibrated and compact and is mounted on a portable tool rack.
Software is Menudriven.
Chesapeake laser systems, 4473 Forbes Avenue, Langham, MD 20706 orcircle 475.
1903 Micron laser measurement-
Holographic technology-based systems are used to measure the linear motion of a positioning device with a resolution of 0. 01micron (0. 000 000 5\"). An ultra-
Fine line arrays are photoprinted deposited on the glass scale to produce three-
Size grid.
When a beam of split light passes through the glass, it detects the phase movement of the mesh as a holographic motion.
The holographic effect provides a highly reliable signal, even if the wavelength of the light source changes because the relationship between the two objects is constant.
This method provides stable measurement and repeatability in unqualified environments.
By wrapping a semiconductor laser in a specific housing, the scale is more forgiving for manufacturing
Floor conditions more open than traditionalbeam laser.
If there is no case for custom integration with the user device, the scale is available.
The system includes probe units, fixtures, and digital displays with joystick controls for zeroing, presets, and recall.
Applications include processing of magnetic heads and optical components, precision laboratory measurement and quality-
Guarantee check.
Sony America, 37 Bristol Lane, Orange, 92665 orcircle 476, California.
1903 non-contact measurement optical cat non-contact system using laser-
Beam triangulation for rapid and accurate measurement of dimensions, surface profiles, thickness, level, and vibration of almost any material, regardless of its surface structure, temperature, density, or color.
For example, this method can be used to measure the level of molten iron or the thickness of the extruded rubber.
Production applications include high
Speed Measurement of plastic and extruded profiles
Measure the thickness, width and flatness of hot and coldrolled metals;
Measuring the diameter of a rod, beam or pipe;
Check the wave, twist and symmetry of the guide rail;
Imitation of turbine blades.
Other uses include optimizing the pouring level of metal castings and robotic inspection of stamping, casting or forgotten parts.
Unlike other contactless systems, Opticator does not need the surface to be measured, and the measurement is completed without moving parts: no mirror, Prism, video imaging device or light source.
The packaged system ranges from a simple detector probe and output to a signal processor for the indicator, to a highly complex system and Weld Finder for arc welding.
Selective Electronics Corporation (Selcom)
, P o Box 250, Valdese, NC 28690 or round 477.
The new 1903 series processor connects 1000 size measurements via a laser Mike laser scanner covering applications from simple SPC data acquisition to full closed loop
Cycle process control.
Adding a second scanner can provide double
Shaft measurement and process control.
There are multiple settings libraries for operators to easily adjust parameters.
1000 series can interface with host, other data
Collect the device or the old LaserMike scanner.
Dayton mike Inc. , 6060 executive mile, OH 45424 or circle 478.
1903 other products: Shop-
Floor cmm Universal measuring system (UMS)is a shop-
Take out the measuring parts from the QC lab to the hardening coordinate measuring machine in the production workshop.
All the way and sensitive parts are protected where dust, dirt and contaminants are and 4-
Tons of granite slab absorbs thermal shock to minimize the size effect of rapid temperature changes.
Additional compensation for slow changes is provided in the software.
The maximum speed is 17 ips, the measured volume is 47 \"x 24\" x 31 \", and the accuracy in this volume is between 0. 0004\" and 0. 0006\".
The horizontal y-axis provides access to the work area and is reversible for access to the transmission line or AGVs.
Federal products company, 1144 Eddy St, Providence, RI 02940 or circle479.
1903 Gaging option series for plug
XL-optional module
2000 digital amplifier provides new data
Output format and control functions.
Internal relay contact or logic output based on tolerance-
Limit the settings that control the sorting or automation devices.
Another allows an external programmable controller to select or serialize any measurement function using contact closure or logic signals.
Basic unithas dual LVDT-
Instrument input operated individually or in B/
Mode B and quote 0. 000 01\" (0. 001 mm)resolution.
Div Brunswick instruments of X
L Engineering, 6150 W MulfordSt, Niles, IL 60648 or circle 481. 1903 Tool-
Set up the gagepreaper tool-
The setup inspection tool of the drilling milling machine, drilling rig and NC machining system is hardened throughout the process and 0 is provided.
0001 \"test indicators.
The zero point setting is fast, and the large axial range of the plug head prevents damage to the tool.
Reference height is 50mm and repeatability is 0. 000 04\" (0. 001mm).
Fred V. Fowler Co Inc. , Part L, 66 Rowe St, P. O Box 299, Newton, MA02166 or round 482.
1903 flaw detector 136 portable flaw detector with microprocessor control can access all instrument functions through the main function-
Key parameter display.
The secondary arrow moves the cursor up and down to the selected function, and the smart knob changes the function value.
The device also features traditional CRT with analog RF display, program storage, waveform and instrument setup storage, and rs232 computer links.
Staveli instruments, 421 N Quay Street, kennawick, 99336 orcircle 486, Washington state.
1903 the surface texture and shape measurement system allows for updating when measurement requirements change.
Modules include 50-mm and120-
Selection of Mm wire units, stylus arms, motor columns, accessories and data-
Processing options.
Measured by laser and induction methods, shape and surface texture can be analyzed at high resolution through one measurement.
The dynamic range of basic interest is 1.
Profile pick 8mm and 20mm.
Ranked 411 by Taylor Hobson, 60018 E Jarvis Avenue, descalnes, IL 488 orcircle.
1903 video measuring system Turbo 300 except Q-
Non-contact video measurement systems include dual-
Zoom-in optics, three axes for precise coordinate motion, six separate lighting fixtures and many software options.
The 16 \"x 12\" Workbench can withstand a load of 55 lbs. High-speed closed-
The DC servo system drives all axes.
The measurement speed is 157mm/second, X and Y, and Z is 102mm/second.
Optical measuring products, 850 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621 orcircle 496.
1903 official system of free quality software area for statistical evaluation of changes in measurement equipment (
Repeatability and repeatability or R & R)
Is an important part of the quality project.
IQS, Cleveland, Ohio, has developed a R & D manual and software program for LTV Steel.
It provides advice for the implementation and execution of R & R calibration studies, and LTV is available free of charge to its customers, suppliers and external processors.
For more information, please call OH 44115 or Cleveland 25 W Prospect Ave LTV Steel Larry bargainine (216)622-5932.
General measurement Diamond
829 Universal measuring instruments use a variety of devices to measure IDs, ODs, grooves, collars, grooves, eccentricity, concentricity and the right side
Angle relationship of working face.
The precision ball sleeve in the movable arm bracket eliminates play and friction.
There are two fixed measurements-
Boom, one for rough setting and the other for work center.
The installation table can be tilted to adjust the work, and the measurement pressure can be adjusted to fine work.
Mahr Gage Co Inc. 10012 or circle490, 274 Lafayette Street, New York.
The 1903 micro-durer hardness test product line\'s gear Test fixture turevgf 1 gear fixture allows for rapid measurement of the hardness of the side and root area of the gear without breaking the slice.
It combines ultrasonic contact measurement with micro-measurement
Hardness test.
Hard dents are shallowAbout 0.
The casecarburized gear with a surface hardness of 60 Rc-has a depth of 0002\"
No machining or grinding is required.
The fixture can accommodate gears from \"2\" to \"12\" OD.
The hardness test can be carried out at a speed of 6 to 10 per minute.
Krautkramer Branson, P. O Box 350, leighown, PA 17044 or circle494.
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